A Sucker-Punched God

Forgiveness is the core of love. When we say Jesus loves us, the center of what we mean is he forgives us. Our detachment from him causes pain. Our indifference, our rebellion, our sin, sucker-punches him. 

Though he has every right to slap our face, he straightens up, smiles and extends his arms.

From the beginning, he knew what he would pay and considered us to be worth the price.

We don’t see what God sees. He says that the sight of his heavenly light will compensate for every pain we’ve endured here.  I’m counting on that.

And in the meantime, I’m counting on his promised presence with me through anything. I’m counting on redemption of every pain. I’m counting on deliverance from every earthly evil and being brought into his heavenly kingdom.  (Matt. 28:20, Ro. 8:28, 2 Tim. 4:18)

To say he loves us doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll fulfill all our wishes. Nor will he “come through” for us in every way we want him to. He may not give us the job we want, the spouse we long for, nor the house we are praying for.

It’s deeper, broader, wider than that. His love gives us what we really need. A God who extends his arms in spite of the pain in his gut.

Jesus. You knew from the beginning and yet you began. Worthy.



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