By the Throat?

What do you do when you get in those places where life has you by the throat? I've been in a few of those places and I've learned three important strategies:

1.  Rest. Eat Well. Take care of our bodies. Our bodies come first. Without them, we are nothing. Well, you know what I mean. We're not present in the world. If you're walking with Jesus, you would be present with him, as Paul says. "absent from the body, present with the Lord."

Unless the Lord gives us specific instructions otherwise and we are sure it's God's guidance and not crazy thinking, our first priority is safeguarding health.

2. Partialize. Break the problem that has you in its hold into small pieces. What's doable right now? If you are worried about losing your house, what can you do today that might help? Ask for wisdom in working through a step-by-step process. We want instantaneous deliverance from our problems. In thirty-five years of walking with him, God has most often walked with me through a process of problem-solving. 

3. Work on relaxing and trusting God. God is more involved in our lives that we have any idea of. "If he's so involved, then why doesn't he rescue me?" I don't know. What I know is that he is suffering with you, to accomplish his purposes, which are worth what they cost. Whatever is coming on the whole world as we endure this economic crisis, he is in it with us, by his Holy Spirit.

Papa-God, please hold us in the palm of your hand. We need wisdom, guidance, and trust. You are a good God, or we wouldn't trust you with ourselves.

Posted early this week. I'll be away from a computer as I speak at Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God, a Vineyard Women's Conference in Columbus, Ohio. As always, thanks for reading. Comments are welcome.

2 replies on “By the Throat?”

  1. And of course, taking care of myself is one of the things I’m worst at!
    I’m praying for you as you speak in Columbus. 🙂

  2. TypePadMaybe, like me, you didn’t get the best caretaking from your parents. Or you saw your parents not taking care of themselves. We come by our baggage honestly, don’t we? You’re worth taking care of. Blessings,

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