What was Hardest was What I Needed Most

Before those emotional breakdowns at twenty-three and twenty-five years old, I had not seriously addressed the abuse effects—distrust, anxiety, perfectionism, depression, and, underlying them all, shame. After the second breakdown, I began a journey into emotional and spiritual wholeness. I fought the most intense battles from 1977 to 1987. What was hardest was what I […]

Trauma Thoughts

  My husband’s cancer, diagnosed in 2009 and treated over the next two years, did not traumatize me. “What do you mean by that,” you might ask. “Wasn’t it intense and scary and didn’t you cry?” Yes, yes, and yes. But genuine trauma overwhelms our coping abilities and leaves unprocessed feelings stuffed away. We walk away […]

God’s Context

  Sold by his jealous brothers into Egyptian slavery, jailed on false rape charges, and forgotten by one who could help, Joseph, favored son of Isaac, absorbed the suffering. He let that suffering humble his heart. In humility, he accepted that his story is a small part of a God-sized story. After years in jail, God […]