Deliberate Healing

  When the woman touched  the hem of Jesus’ cloak and was healed, Jesus says, “Someone deliberately touched me.” The disciples, when Jesus asked who’d touched him, had said that the crowd was pressing against him and how could anyone tell who’d touched him? But Jesus was asking about a deliberate touch, one that had […]

Recognize a Safe Person

  “Find a safe person to process your pain with,” I wrote in Trauma Thoughts. Who’s a safe person? Some of us instinctively know who’s safe and who’s not, but others may find themselves repeatedly baring their souls to people who ignore or trample them. If we need to develop skill in recognizing a trustworthy […]

Trauma Thoughts

  My husband’s cancer, diagnosed in 2009 and treated over the next two years, did not traumatize me. “What do you mean by that,” you might ask. “Wasn’t it intense and scary and didn’t you cry?” Yes, yes, and yes. But genuine trauma overwhelms our coping abilities and leaves unprocessed feelings stuffed away. We walk away […]