Everyday Valentines

“I’m having more irritation and discharge than I expected.” Yesterday, after cataract surgery, I’d called the ophthalmologist’s nurse. I hadn’t met Judy before.

heart Pictures, Images and Photos”Have you taken Tylenol, sweetie?” Her endearment put a smile on my face.

“Yes, but it’s still painful. Is this pain and discharge normal?” That’s all I needed.

“I think so. The doctor is on the floor, let me check.”

She soon came back. “Yes, he says its fine. It’ll get better, dear. Just lie down and keep your eyes closed.”

I thanked her, as I thank every nurse who takes their patient’s pain seriously. Judy did it right. She listened carefully. She reassured me. And she did not shame me.

She gave me a valentine, something nurses do everyday. Valentines show love among intimates. Though I am a stranger to Judy, she gave me an intimate gift. In pain, our hearts are exposed. Her acceptance touched me like a rose in a desert.

Like she said, in a few hours I was better. And grateful, once again, for a nurse’s heart.

Father-God, thanks for Judy and all those nurses who give everyday valentines to their patients.

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