Everything is Okay?


It’s a phrase I’ve seen alot lately. “Everything is okay.” Or, “Everything will be okay.” In what sense is it meant? I just ran across it in a picture of a an artwork as I was checking out topsy.com, a search site for social media. I’ve seen it in a store window. A search on topsy.com of those phrases returns hundreds of hits.

Does it mean a current state of personal distress will pass and good feelings will come again? Does it mean human beings will work out all the political and social problems of our time? Does it mean we will all be together in harmony with God in the end?

I can agree with the first one. Emotions come and go.

But the second two? Human beings cannot even agree on what the problems are, much less agree on solutions. And while I wish the third idea was true, I don’t see it in the Word of God.

If we are walking with Jesus, then, yes, there is an expectation that all will be okay in the end.

Otherwise, it seems like whistling in the dark. A phrase to allow those in danger to keep spirits up as they bump through the night. Would that they would reach for the Light of the world to illumine the path. Only through Him will our paths lead home, where the porch light awaits.

Father, for Jesus sake, shine your light in this darkness. Have mercy on the wanderers. And on those of us who believe we see.  Amen.

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  1. Thank you, Karen. The phrase is always for the short term, isn’t it. Nothing ever lasts but our Father God and his promise to us. Thankful!

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