First, Fear

When we're seeking to expand our reach, why does fear usually come first ? Why does a new graduate student worry about whether she can do the work? Why is a new parent so often afraid of being a bad mom? What about those of us fearing our creative product will nosedive?

Watch this short video about a mother eagle pushing her eaglet from the nest: The Push

The eaglet trusts his mother, but that trust doesn't eliminate fear. When we're untried and inexperienced, we usually need to overcome fear. I assume God has his reasons for asking us to fight fear first.  Replacing fear with faith seems to be a crucial component of soaring.

But when we're in the fearing before the soaring, don't we wish it could have been set up differently? Couldn't this process have been made easier? 

I can just hear Papa-God: "Sweetie, I understand your difficulty here. I'm sorry it has to be so challenging. But, don't fight me. Keep trusting. Keep listening. Don't give up."

Okay. Not by power, not by might, but by his Spirit, let's hold on until his breath blows us into his highest purpose.

Father, help us submit to your processes.


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