Holding On

I've been waiting a long time for my book in my hand. What I'm waiting for is just around the corner. I've been here before, in other times of waiting. This is the time when I get tense and wish it was here, already. It's a familiar time, but not welcome.

Small things frustrate me. I want to eat chocolate. It is that time when I can finally let myself feel the anticipation/fear/excitement/frustration and whatever else vies for expression. I know the time is short.

Unlike a year ago, when I was also waiting. Then, I couldn't let myself feel anything. I had to keep on, keep plugging away, keep believing the goal would really be realized.

Now, however, I can afford the luxury of feeling. I won't wear myself out, like I would if I'd let myself feel all year. Now, the time is soon. The intensity of feeling won't be much longer. Relief is coming.

We're all waiting for something. We're waiting for the Kingdom to come. Waiting for a wedding. Waiting for a child. Waiting for a job. Waiting for peace. Waiting for joy. Waiting for hope. 

I'm enduring. We are enduring. Some days, that's all we do. We hold on–to the one who has hold of us.

And here's something fun I did while I'm waiting, using Wordle. This program makes a cloud display of the words you enter with size based on frequency of use. I notice "waiting" is pretty big.

(Tip: After the file opens, hit the button for rotating clockwise for easier reading)


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