It’s 11:52 am and I’m hungry. My stomach is empty, growling for more. I don’t want my stomach to rule me, so I’m ignoring the emptiness for a few minutes. (Not too long, lest I start gobbling the dark chocolate kisses stashed in my cupboard.)

I ate a piece of homemade whole wheat bread and a banana at 8:00. Behind in my one year Bible, I read two days worth at 8:30. But I’m not hungry again for his Word. How do I learn to be hungry for God at the same interval my stomach calls for cheese and bread?

The world is full of rumblings and growlings that tug on our arms, like two year olds, wanting our attention. We must apportion our attention with care, remembering that we do not live only on bread.

Holy Spirit, please fill us today and satisfy our hunger. Then fill us again with even more hunger for you.

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