Jacob Worshiped

“By faith Jacob, when he was dying,…worshiped as he leaned on the top of his staff.” Hebrews 11:21

The father of the twelve tribes of Israel, when he was so weak he couldn’t stand alone, worshiped. At the end, he affirmed God’s worth. That sentence resonated in this morning’s Bible reading.

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At nearly 60 years old, I’m entering that time of declining strength. Weaker hands makes jar-opening harder. Though we hope it’s been eradicated,  Jerry and I are walking with the diagnosis of cancer.  Close friends are beginning to endure chronic diseases.

Jacob didn’t start worshiping in those last few days. Worship at the end is fueled by worship at the beginning and in the middle.

Beginning, middle, or end, physical decline is a test of our willingness to find God sufficient. God is asking, “Will you worship me now? Or is your health, your comfort, indeed, even your life, more important to you than I am?”

It’s a hard question. Let’s be inspired by Jacob, leaning on his staff, worshiping.

Father, create worship in our hearts. You are worthy.