Jesus Weeps

In treatment for prostate cancer, my husband says, “God loves me. Jesus is weeping with me.” That statement is the healing. Jerry has come to know the compassionate God. Exodus 34:6.

Wrestling with the indignities and struggles of life, we are tempted to say, “Where are you, God? What’s going on? Why is life so hard?”

We don’t really know what is going on. We have no idea of the heavenly wars. We don’t know what Satan is trying to stop. We don’t know what God is working to accomplish.

What Jerry and I do know:  God will carry us through. We know because God has already carried us through big sufferings: near-electrocution and mental illness; and small: car breakdowns and broken limbs.

God’s key healing is not the emotional and physical health. It’s the ability to rest in his compassion. We’ve been angry with God at times and we may be again. But we have learned that more is going on in the world and in history than we have any idea of.

While we may not know what is at stake, we know something is. And we know we are not alone in an unfeeling universe. Jesus weeps with us as he does with you.

Jesus, in the midst of today’s suffering, may we sense your tears.