Lifeline Expedition

join me in praying for this project of healing and restoration:



The March
is a Christian response to the legacy of the Atlantic slave trade which
includes white people walking in yokes and chains to express apology.  The
first part of the 250 mile walk from Hull to London  took 24 days and came
to an end on Saturday 24th March 2007 when the walkers joined the
Archbishops of Canterbury, York and West Indies in the Walk of Witness. The
Archbishop of the
West Indies
, Drexel Gomez, released those in the yoke and chains in front of the Buxton Monument near
Lambeth Bridge
.  The event received
widespread national and international publicity.

The second
walk will link up the former slave ports of London
, Liverpool and Bristol.  We are very keen to recruit
a diverse team representing the three former corners of the slave triangle –Africa
, the Caribbean and
.  Team members will have
opportunities to visit schools and to dialogue with many people as we bring the
reconciliation message.

Go to their
website for more information:

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