Mild He Lay His Glory By

DD00286_Some days, I give myself headaches trying to see reality from a God point of view. I keep trying, though. I want to apprehend his thoughts, his emotions, his perspective. I want to be with him. Though I have never seen him, I miss him.

Father-God gave himself more than a headache, executing his plan to see reality from our point of view. “Mild he lay his glory by,” taking on corruptible flesh. In his son, he put himself behind a pair of human eyes. He thought and felt with a human brain. His body, like ours, depended on food and air.  Jesus learned obedience by the things he suffered, just like we do.

Did he incarnate himself because he missed us? He didn’t come so close because he needed us. His existence and his value does not depend on us. Our reality depends on his reality; our value on his valuing.

And yet, he came. Not because he needs us. Because he wants us. Glory to God in the highest. 

Father, Jesus, Spirit: May we want you with the wanting you have for us.

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  1. Glory to God indeed! Thank you for so many moments of connecting with our Abba during this year. May God richly bless your ministry and your daily life in the coming year.

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