Receiving the Gifts

I took off my long black cashmere coat and watched my husband hang up his brown leather jacket. Amazing, I thought. We didn’t work for either one. A friend gave Jerry the leather. My mother-in-law’s sister had given Libby the Nordstrom’s cashmere and when Libby died, I inherited it. Like God’s bestowal of righteousness, a gift and an inheritance beyond our earning ability.

On the other hand, only because I had lost 40 pounds was I able to use the size 10 coat. So, maybe I did have something to do with this process. But then I remember losing that weight–I’d carried those extra pounds for 15 years–was all by grace.

Such mystery in this process of being made whole. What’s his responsiblity and what’s ours? How do we position ourselves to receive the gifts he means to give us? And, like my weight loss that allowed me to receive the coat, is that positioning also his gift?

Father, we want to receive all the goodness you have for us. Show us how to cooperate with you to enjoy your good gifts.