Refusing Warmth

Sitting at my computer this cold winter’s day, I’m trying to ponder the nature of sin. But I’m distracted by the bright sunlight, just penetrating my skull as noontime approaches. I lean back into the warmth. Soon I’m taking off my down vest, absorbing the rays. Who can ponder the mysteries of the universe when the sun beckons?

But wait. This is one of the mysteries of the universe. Why am I responding to the sun? Not, how does it work, physically, or emotionally or astronomically. But why?

I don’t have much of an answer to that “why” question but I wonder if sin is a little like not responding to warmth when we’re cold. We instinctively respond physically but we have a choice spiritually. The best definition of sin I know is “the refusal to let God love you.” The refusal to receive his warmth in our coldness.

Father, even many of us who are believers don’t really believe the warmth of your love. Reveal your love to us today. There’s always more with you.

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