Defining Shame

How does shame define us?
What is the genesis of shame?
Can shame be healed?

March 27, 2019, Life Community Church, Mahomet, Il,

Jeff Augustine, Pastor

What About Forgiveness?

August 25, 2014, Life Community Church, Mahoment, Il

Jeff Augustine, Pastor

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A Dozen Helps to Forgive:

  1. Forgiveness is both a choice and a process.
  2. Make a decision to give up anger.
  3. Pray to be made willing. Or to be made willing to be made willing.
  4. Feel your feelings in a safe place, with a safe person.
  5. To say, “I forgive,” but never feel your pain is denial.
  6. To feel your pain, anger, and sadness but never choose forgiveness is stuck.
  7. Ask for grace both to feel and to forgive.
  8. Study Jesus’ words on forgiveness.
  9. To forgive is not to condone
  10. To forgive is not to excuse.
  11. To forgive doesn’t mean you don’t matter.
  12. Trust God for justice.

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For those of us who struggle with eating too much:


I reached for the chocolate chip cookie, hot from the oven. Before I knew it, I’d eaten six.

I reached for the chocolate chip cookie, hot from the oven. I thought, why am I reaching for sugar and fat? Before I knew it, I’d eaten five.

I reached for the warm chocolate chip cookie. I thought, Why am I eating? I sat at the kitchen table, found paper and pen. I wrote, “I’m angry because I can’t make my daughter stop fighting her homework.” I ate three chocolate chip cookies.

I reached for the day old cookie. Why? I feel angry and scared. “God, you know my fear. You know my anxiety. Please help me trust you for her future.” I ate one cookie.

I stopped baking cookies.

© Karen Rabbitt, 2007 All Rights Reserved.

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