Surprised by Grace

On May 8, I wrote about three extra pounds I needed to lose before I came out to Colorado for the birth of our first grandson.  I just knew I wouldn't be able to resist eating the cookies and chunks of nutty granola treats that had been a downfall on previous visits.

But guess what? God had a different plan.  I lost a pound before I got here and I've lost two pounds here. Who knew I could resist? I had it all figured out–what I needed. But, once again, God showed me his power and grace.

Don't we all have areas where we just know how it's going to be? We know what's going to happen, especially if we don't do what we need to do. If we don't apply for that job a week before the deadline, we can't possibly be hired. We think if we've smoked for fifty years, we'll never quit. Maybe eating is your issue, too, and you just know you'll go to the grave in the body size you are now. You've made your bed and you'll just have to lie in it, just like your Mother always said.

Turns out, though, Moms are not always right. Sometimes God's surprising grace overrides Moms and our own expectations to bless us with a new experience of him.

Holy Spirit, thank you for your fresh manifestation of grace. May every reader be surprised by your gracious power today.