God’s Context

  Sold by his jealous brothers into Egyptian slavery, jailed on false rape charges, and forgotten by one who could help, Joseph, favored son of Isaac, absorbed the suffering. He let that suffering humble his heart. In humility, he accepted that his story is a small part of a God-sized story. After years in jail, God […]

You Just Have to Believe

  The “work” God requires is to believe in Jesus.  John 6:28-29. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just believe. And yet, belief requires a deep attitude change. Unlike being “good.” In many ways, we can be good, as some are saying now, without belief in the father of Jesus. Often, we can choose kindness and consideration. We […]

Studying Anger

Last week, I talked about reading emotions, particularly anger. In fact, we need to do more than read our anger. We need to study. To study is to understand, to fit into an organized structure of information, to read and think and do experiments until we make sense of a subject. Libraries are written on […]