A missionary friend, weary from too much work, once said to me, “It’s no sin to be tired.” It’s always stuck with me and it comes to mind again this morning, as I feel emotionally and physically drained from stresses I’m not at liberty to disclose. I’m tempted to all kinds of sin in this weakness, especially sins of self-punishment: (What’s wrong with you? Where’s your faith?).

But I have learned the tiredness itself is not sin, nor is the temptation. I’m grateful to let myself be tired today and I hope, in his power, to resist the temptation to self-punishment.

Are you, too, tired? Let’s present ourselves to God together.

Father, we come to you in weakness and temptation. Please soothe our hearts and give us your rest. Bring your encouragement and your power to resist the temptation to punish ourselves. Please show us your solutions to the challenges of our lives.

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