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Trading Fathers

Forgiving Dad, Embracing God,            

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this story, rich with theological depth and insight, you will find faith, hope,
and healing. Karen’s words have the power to bring incredible refreshing to all
who are thirsty.” 

Happy and Dianne Leman, Pastors and Co-Overseers, Midwest Region, The Vineyard Church USA



            “I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t breathe. I stared in
horror at his expressionless eyes, fixed on me—but not in love.”

            Karen Rabbitt was four years
old when her father molested her the first time. She did not understand what
was happening. She felt dirty, unclean, and terrified.

hated it and she grew to hate him.


twenty years Karen wandered in a wilderness of depression, shame, and fear. Still,
she carried on:  college, marriage, motherhood.
But a father’s violation warps everything, especially our relationship with Father-God.


memoir invites you to grapple with her most gut-wrenching questions:  “What kind of God are you, who stood by
without rescuing me?” and “Where were you when I was abused?”  

            In the end, God blessed her
with faith to call him “Papa.” Her story will open your eyes to the abundant
life Papa-God desires for you.  


After earning her Master’s of Social Work degree in 1986, Karen Rabbitt provided psychotherapy to Christian women until 2005. She has been published in Marriage
and Today’s Christian
. A CLASS graduate, Karen speaks and leads retreats to feed our hunger for Papa-God’s love.  An Illinois mother and grandmother, Karen has been married to Jerry since 1972 and attends The Vineyard Church. 

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