What Allows us to Obey?

In Exodus 4:3, God asks Moses to throw down his shepherd’s staff, whereupon the stick turns into a snake. Moses is terrified, the NLT says, and runs away. In the next verse, God asks Moses to take hold of the snake’s tail, which Moses does, and it becomes his staff again.

What happened between verse three and four? Terror had encompassed him. How did Moses turn from that intense fear to pick up that snake?

Did God follow Moses as he ran? If he did, what did he say?

Did God wait for Moses to gather his courage and return on his own? How far did Moses run?

How far do we run from obedience when what’s being asked of us feels terrifying? What allows us to face the fear? When God asks us to trust a man and all our experiences with men have been abusive. When God asks us to adopt a special needs child. When God says, "Let go of what is in your hand and let me make a miracle of it."

What allows us obey, after fleeing, is the hope that God is good, that he knows what he’s doing, and that his will is our wholeness. May we trust Him today!

Jesus, you are the model and enabler of trust. Be our faith today.

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