Yell and Tell

Are you the parent of a young child? Or a teacher or health professional who works with little ones?You’ve probably thought about sexual predators.

Do you know that those who take advantage of children’s innocence study how to set it up, how to draw the child’s trust, how to threaten them so they are afraid to tell? We also need to study these adversaries. Without overly dramatizing the threat, we can teach children they have permission to speak.

Many will not be pulled into this battle, but many will. The statistics are sad and perhaps more than you know:  up to thirty percent of girls and fifteen percent of boys are sexually violated before their eighteenth birthday. And those are the reported cases. Some of us never told any authority.

The threat needs to be prepared for. Like we warn very young ones not to run into the street, we need to warn older ones against this danger.

Sara Sue Learns to Yell and Tell is the second in a series of children’s stories designed to help open a conversation. Written from a strong Christian point of view, the story will be most helpful to Christians. An Amazon search yields very few books, Christian or secular, written for children on this topic.

Children who, immediately after a violation, tell and are believed fare much better than those who proceed in silence, believing the abuse to be their own fault. Whether you get this book or not, do talk to your children about how to be safe and that it is okay to yell and tell when something is not right.

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Father, please give us the wisdom and will to protect the children.