Waiting Questions

Jim Croegaert has a song, “Waiting,” on his CD, Heaven Knows.  I listened to it on my thousand mile drive to Colorado earlier this week and it’s running through my mind this morning, waiting for a grandbaby.

In a personal prophecy a few years ago, a gentle man spoke God’s thoughts: “You’ve felt like there’s just been a lot of waiting, but I’ve been preparing you.” I waited thirty years to write the book and I’m still waiting because, in some ways, I’m just getting started.

Waiting for Christmas Day Parade Pictures, Images and PhotosLife is waiting. What are you waiting for? For a child, a spouse, a house, a job? For a rebellious child to recognize the joys of obedience? For a wife to give you her heart again? For the disorderly neighbor to move?

And how do we discern what to wait for? What we want may or may not happen. Who knows on what basis life comes to us? This is a fallen world. Not all that happens now is God’s will. We pray for God’s kingdom to come, for his will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

How do we know when to wrestle in prayer and when to sit with quiet confidence? We listen for God’s direction, but how do we strengthen our faith to believe we’re actually hearing God’s still, small voice?

Those are my questions this morning. What are yours?

Jesus, we need your wisdom, power, faith, and peace. Come, Holy Spirit.