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Karen Rabbitt, M.S.W., a seasoned psychotherapist, has written for Marriage Partnership and Today’s Christian Woman, in addition to writing her own story, Trading Fathers: Forgiving Dad, Embracing God (WinePress, 2009). A self-proclaimed late bloomer, Karen did not begin writing until she was 52 years old. She writes to share her hard-won wisdom—informed by her professional experience but energized by her own struggle for emotional and spiritual health.

Raised on an Illinois farm in a difficult and dysfunctional family, Karen experienced traumatic sexual abuse as a child at the hand of her father. The devastation of this abuse eventually led to depression and serious mental illness in her twenties. After she recovered, Karen earned her Master’s of Social Work degree and provided psychotherapy to Christian women from 1986 to 2005.

A CLASS graduate, Karen has led retreats, given Sunday morning sermons, taught Sunday school, led small groups, and developed videos for personal and group study of emotional healing topics.

A lifelong seamstress, Karen tailored her first suit at 12 years old and has sewn everything from wedding dresses to men’s suits. She is also a prize-winning poet, winning third prize in a regional poetry contest that drew national entries. She and her husband ran Heron Lake Studios, a lampworked bead and silver jewelry business, from 2003 to 2008. Together, they are Illinois Artisans, a juried program which recognizes Illinois craft. In the same vein, she loves dinnerware, and would stockpile china, silver, and glassware, along with tabletop décor if God gave her permission. Now a grandmother, Karen still lives in Illinois and has been married to Jerry since 1972. They walk or bike to their neighborhood church.

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