What He Gives is Enough

By the time you read
this, we’ll know whether the cancer in Jerry’s prostate has spread.  He’ll
be two days post-surgery. That is, if Windows Live Writer publishes this post
I’m writing on Tuesday, on Friday. New technology to me, in a new computer. Am
I doing it right? We’ll see. Soon I’ll install Windows 7 and maybe everything
will change again.

Will our lives change
if we’ve found the cancer has spread? Yes. We’ll sign up for radiation or
hormone therapy or whatever else the doctors order.

And yet,Forest sunbeams no. We’ll
hold each other morning and night and pray for our day and our sleep. We’ll
enjoy our new Skype account that lets us see an image of our grandboy while we
talk. We’ll take evening walk-and-talks. Somehow, walking together yields more
connection than sitting together.  

We’ll keep trusting
God. We’ll look for Romans 8:28 about God working for good in everything (for
those who love him and are called according to his purpose) to be made manifest
again, right in the middle of our days.

Dozens of people are
praying. Surrounded, we feel peaceful, hopeful, the day before. We hope to keep
that peace whatever happens.

God doesn’t give us
guarantees. He gives us an unchangeable “I am with you always.” He gives the
example of Job: “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him.” He gives us grace
for the day and hope for the future. What he gives is enough.

Thank you,
Papa-God, for being enough for us.


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