You Just Have to Believe


The “work” God requires is to believe in Jesus.  John 6:28-29. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just believe. And yet, belief requires a deep attitude change.

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Unlike being “good.” In many ways, we can be good, as some are saying now, without belief in the father of Jesus. Often, we can choose kindness and consideration. We can choose to do what’s good for us and for others, at least as far as our own insight and self-control takes us.

Belief, however, requires something much more penetrating. To believe is to put our weight down, as on a chair, expecting to be held. To trust.


Reminds me of a poem:


Oh, My


Being good—that’s not so hard.


I can tell the truth, mostly,

and stay out of other people’s beds

and even forgive my father.


But belief.  Oh my.


I am made a little lower than the angels?

I am accepted in the beloved?

I am the joy set before you?


Oh, my goodness.



©2011 Karen Rabbitt

All Rights Reserved


Father, give us grace today to believe in the one you have sent.