Renewed, Retired, and A Happy Childhood

More than two years ago, I stopped publishing weekly devotionals. I was tired, frustrated, and disappointed with how this whole speaking/writing thing was playing out.

I had a plan.

God wasn’t working according to that plan.

I didn’t think I’d made up my own plan. In hindsight, though, seems like I did.

As it turns out, I like God’s ideas better than mine. I thought I’d speak for the next several years, regionally, maybe nationally.

When I put down the pen two years ago from the “Tired” devotional, I asked God, “So what do I do with the next twenty years?”

I’m pretty sure he said, “You can have the childhood you missed.”

Wow. God would say that?

The reality is, I like being a little kid at 63 years old better than being a speaker.

And as I said in the “Tired” post, I am also ministering to those he puts in front of me. Sometimes that’s a brief encounter, sometimes it’s ongoing.


Mostly, though, I am worshiping, enjoying his creation, and resting in his arms.

I am grateful that I don’t have to speak or write or market my thoughts. I curate a Twitter stream, I speak to current issues through Facebook, and I think about God, culture, and philosophy.

That’s enough, for a little kid.




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